CEO Roger Lynch discusses Condé Nast's global, digital transformation

4 April 2022

"There are no borders to content anymore."

    CEO Roger Lynch discussed Condé Nast's transformation and global, digital future with The Sunday Times.

    In a wide-ranging interview, Lynch detailed the company's all-formats and borderless content strategy. "Our audiences are looking for good content all over the world, just as they seek out the best dramas on Netflix," he told The Times. "There are no borders to content anymore. We need to reorganize around that.”

    Lynch also shared promising business results that have followed a strategic plan that has included retooling Condé Nast's editorial operations, doubling down on video and diversifying the company's revenue sources.

    "We had to invest to grow digital and e-commerce," he said. "We had to build a whole new consumer revenue division and invest in our video division."

    This article was published by The Sunday Times on 2 April, 2022. Read it here.