Condé Nast Entertainment

Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) is an award-winning next generation studio and distribution network which currently drives an average of one billion monthly views.

Since 2011, the company's studio and distribution division, Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE), has garnered 150 award nominations and 94 wins, including Academy Awards, Emmys, Critics’ Choice Awards, IDA Documentary Awards, Webbys and ASMEs. Over the past year, CNE has produced several breakout successes, including the Emmy-winning series Last Chance U, it's recently released spin-off series Last Chance U: Basketball that hit Netflix top 10 in record time, and Academy-Award nominated short Yes People from the New Yorker Studios. There are projects in development across all platforms including GQ Studio's 'The Great Chinese Art Heist' to be directed by Jon Chu for Warner Brothers.

A Next Generation Studio

The Scale of TV and the Relevance of Digital
CNE produces more than 4,000 videos per year, spanning all genres – documentaries, animation, comedy, celebrity, and how-to – and is distributed across nearly 60 platforms and 2,300 websites. The studio's content averages more than one billion video views a month – CNE won its first Emmy Award in 2015 and received multiple Academy Award nominations for its short-form film digital content.
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